Aktuelle Working Papers

  • Katolnik, Svetlana, Kronenberger, S. K., Schöndube, J. R. (2019): Board Independence in Dynamic Agency: the Interrelation of Oversight and Advising
  • Kronenberger, Sandra Katarina (2019): Firm's Accounting Choice and Performance Sensitive Debt Contracts
  • Kronenberger, Sandra Katarina (2019): Renegotiation and Performance Sensitive Debt Contracts
  • Kronenberger, Sandra Katarina, Kronenberger S., Waldner, A. (2019): Trade-offs in the Design of Fair Value Standards
  • Kronenberger, Sandra Katarina, Kronenberger, S. (2019): Signaling in Debt Contracting via Voluntary Verification of Timely Information
  • Kronenberger, Sandra Katarina, Weiskirchner-Merten, K. (2019): Bank Representatives on the Board of Directors and their Influence on the Firm's Investment Decision
  • Schöndube, Jens Robert, Katolnik, S., Kronenberger, S. (2019): Board Incentives and Board Independence in Dynamic Agency

Ausgewählte Veröffentlichungen

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